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What else do you do besides dancing? I teach Special Education

Best part about being an Ice Dancer? Dancing on the Ice

One thing someone doesn't know about you? I'm a huge bookworm!

Actress that you want to portray you in a movie? Beyonce

The one thing you want to do in the future, what is your ultimate goal? Start a program that intergrades education with performing art.

Favorite movie, why? The Turning Point, a classic dance movie.

What is one thing you could not live without? Eye liner

Favorite thing to do when not dancing? Reading or teaching 

What were you for Halloween this year? A black cat

What is your favorite physical feature about yourself? My smile

What are your skincare/beauty tip secrets? Drink lots of water everyday

What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Pizza

What’s it like in the locker room before the game? A lot of energy and hair spray

Who is your favorite hockey player and why? Steve Yzerman he was Captian of the Red Wings and a huge hero in my hometown, Detroit.

What would you rather do? Score a game-winning goal, make a game-winning save or make a huge check? Score a game-winning goal!