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Welcome to floridapanthers.com's coverage of the Florida Scholastic Hockey League (FSHL). Established in 1998, the FSHL is made up of 18 teams, broken up into two different divisions.

To All:

The 2009 FSHL Annual Awards Banquet was held at Woodlands Country Club Thursday, April 23, 2009 -

Over 300 players, parents, coaches, & team managers were in attendance. It was an outstanding event, the best ever as it was hosted in a great venue and great food.

Honored guest speaker:

Jim Hulton - Assistant Coach for the Florida Panthers

FSHL Awards:
2008-09 FSHL Division I Champion: Taravella High School
2008-09 FSHL Division II Champion: West Boca High School

2008-09 SAHOF Division I Champion: North Broward Prep

Division I: Joseph Bonacci (North Broward Prep)
Division II: Carmen Mastrangelo (West Boca High School)

Goaltender Of The Year:
Division I: Victor Gutierez (Taravella High School)
Division II: Austin Luboff (Stoneman-Douglas High School)

Coach Of The Year:
Division I: Mike Shannon (Taravella High School)
Division II: Ron Lieberman (Stoneman-Douglas High School)

FSHL College Scholarships:
Freshman: Freddy Kasten (West Boca High School)
Sophomore: Kevin Rodengen (St. Thomas Aquinas High School)
Junior: Colin Sullivan (St. Thomas Aquinas High School)
Senior: Jeffrey Albeck (Boca Raton High School)

FSHL All-Star Game & Skills Competition:

All-Star Game
North Coaches: Scott Grosky (Northeast) / Peter Worrell (North Broward Prep)
South Coaches: Mike Toyota (Coral Glades) / Irv Silverstein (University)
North MVP: Justin Bowlby (Stoneman-Douglas Maroon)
South MVP: Zach Shannon (Taravella)

Skills Competition Winners:

Speed: Joey Bonnaci (North Broward Prep)
Breakaway: Dominic Dijamco (St. Thomas Aquinas Gold)
Shootout: Danny Quinn (Coral Glades)
Goaltender: Tyler Toyota (Coral Glades)
Nothing in the FSHL gets accomplished without the hard work of the following individuals:
Thanks to banquet organizers:
Alan Berkowitz - FSHL Executive Board V.P.
Terry Trsinar - FSHL Registrar
Karen Switalski - FSHL Registrar

And, of course, thank you to the rest of the FSHL Executive Board & Advisory Committee for years of dedicated hard work:
Dennis Drucker - Executive Board V.P.
Jane Reiner - Executive Board V.P.
Eva Allen - FSHL Secretary
Jim Allen
John De Pasquale - FSHL Official-In-Chief
Don Horowitz
Stuart Levine, DPM
Jim Stratton

And Melaina Andrews - Chair, SAHOF HS Tournaments Comte. - FSHL Coaches Cmte.

Thank you to:
FSHL Officials & Scorekeepers
FSHL Volunteers
Ron Hoffman: FSHL Webmaster
RAndy Moller & The Florida Panthers
Maureen Boyce

Peter Pearlman, MD
President, FSHL