Hockey 101

The Officials

Orange armbands are used to help separate a referee from a linesman.
Each game is supervised by four officials on the ice - two linesmen and two referees. Each game also has five off-ice officials: the game timekeeper, official scorer, two goal judges, and a video goal judge.

The referees have general supervision of the entire game and control over all other officials. In the case of disputes, the referee’s judgmentis final. The referee also calls the penalties as well as determines the goal-scorer of each goal scored. He does not report the assists. The referee drops the puck for face-offs at the start of the period and after a goal.

The linesman generally is responsible for calling infractions of the rules of the game, such as icing, offsides, too many men on the ice, and handling the puck with the hands. The linesman drops the puck for face-offs at each face-off except for after a goal and the start of each period.

Video Goal Judge
The video goal judge aids in determining the legality of a goal. Goals will be disallowed for the following reasons:
  • Puck not crossing the goal line.
  • Puck in the net following the goal frame being dislodged.
  • Puck in the net after the expiration of time at the end of the period.
  • Puck deflected into the net off an official.
  • Puck struck with a high-stick, above the height of the crossbar, by an attacking player prior to entering the goal.
To establish the correct time on the official game clock, provided the game time is visible on the Video Goal Judge’s monitors.

A goal may not be awarded or disallowed once play has resumed following the first stoppage of play after the disputed goal.

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