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MacDonald, Craig (C) Apr 7, 1977 Antigonish, NS, CAN
MacIntyre, Steve (L) Aug 8, 1980 Brock, SK, CAN
MacKenzie, Derek (C) FLA Jun 11, 1981 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Madden, John (C) May 4, 1973 Toronto, ON, CAN
Majesky, Ivan (D) Sep 2, 1976 Banská Bystrica, SVK
Malgin, Denis (C) FLA Jan 18, 1997 Olten, CHE
Marchessault, Jonathan (C) FLA Dec 27, 1990 Cap-Rouge, QC, CAN
Markstrom, Jacob (G) VAN Jan 31, 1990 Gävle, SWE
Martin, Craig (R) Jan 21, 1971 Amherst, NS, CAN
Matheson, Michael (D) FLA Feb 27, 1994 Pointe-Claire, QC, CAN
Matsumoto, Jon (C) Oct 13, 1986 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Matteau, Stephane (L) Sep 2, 1969 Rouyn, QC, CAN
Matthias, Shawn (C) WPG Feb 19, 1988 Mississauga, ON, CAN
McArdle, Kenndal (L) Jan 4, 1987 Toronto, ON, CAN
McCabe, Bryan (D) Jun 8, 1975 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
McCann, Jared (C) FLA May 31, 1996 Stratford, ON, CAN
McFarland, John (L) Apr 2, 1992 Richmond Hill, ON, CAN
McKegg, Greg (C) FLA Jun 17, 1992 St. Thomas, ON, CAN
McLean, Brett (C) Aug 14, 1978 Comox, BC, CAN
McLean, Kirk (G) Jun 26, 1966 Willowdale, ON, CAN
McLennan, Jamie (G) Jun 30, 1971 Edmonton, AB, CAN
McNeill, Grant (D) Jun 8, 1983 Vermilion, AB, CAN
Mellanby, Scott (R) Jun 11, 1966 Montreal, QC, CAN
Messier, Eric (L) Oct 29, 1973 Drummondville, QC, CAN
Meyer, Stefan (L) Jul 20, 1985 Medicine Hat, AB, CAN
Mezei, Branislav (D) Oct 8, 1980 Nitra, SVK
Mitchell, Willie (D) Apr 23, 1977 Port McNeill, BC, CAN
Moller, Randy (D) Aug 23, 1963 Red Deer, AB, CAN
Montador, Steve (D) Dec 21, 1979 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Montoya, Al (G) MTL Feb 13, 1985 Chicago, IL, USA
Moore, Dominic (C) BOS Aug 3, 1980 Thornhill, ON, CAN
Morisset, David (R) Apr 6, 1981 Langley, BC, CAN
Mottau, Mike (D) Mar 19, 1978 Quincy, MA, USA
Mueller, Peter (C) Apr 14, 1988 Bloomington, MN, USA
Muller, Kirk (L) Feb 8, 1966 Kingston, ON, CAN
Murphy, Cory (D) Feb 13, 1978 Kanata, ON, CAN
Murphy, Gordon (D) Feb 23, 1967 Willowdale, ON, CAN
Murray, Garth (C) Sep 17, 1982 Regina, SK, CAN
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